Let’s take a closer look at how massage therapy goes hand-in-hand with the chiropractic services at West Bay Chiropractic Clinic in Largo, FL.

Massage Therapy Warms the Muscles

When you have a massage before chiropractic care, you’ll have a more effective visit. Therapeutic massages are proven to stimulate and relax your muscles. At the same time, massage therapy relaxes your body. This makes chiropractic adjustments more effective.


Massage Therapy + Chiropractic Care = Faster Recovery

If you’re suffering from an injury, chiropractic care and massage therapy will help you get back to life quicker. Those who do receive both medical treatments will typically experience a more complete and faster recovery. Your soft tissues, spine, and other supporting structures rely on each other to properly function, and all suffer when one is injured. Receiving both massage and chiropractic care helps all of your pains be treated and addressed properly.


Increase Your Range of Motion

The overarching goal of chiropractic treatment is to increase mobility and comfort. In addition, most patients suffer from a limited or reduced range of motion. Similar to a spinal adjustment, massages can help improve the mobility and flexibility of the areas impacted like ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues.


Massage Increases Circulation

Blood circulation is everything when it comes to recovery. Most massage techniques are proven to help improve and enhance the flow of blood through areas that are congested while also relieving lactic acid. Chiropractic treatments help amplify these effects by relieving the pressure that may be placed on nerves because of subluxations.


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