Meet The Doctor

Dr. Michael Roberts

Meet Dr. Roberts, Your Trusted Largo Chiropractor

Welcome to West Bay Chiropractic Clinic, where we blend compassionate care with expert Largo chiropractic FL. Central to our clinic’s mission and success is Dr. Michael Roberts, whose commitment and extensive experience play a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of our community.


Dr. Michael Roberts’s Background

Dr. Michael Roberts is a pillar of expertise and dedication at West Bay Chiropractic Clinic in Largo, FL. His journey in the chiropractic field is marked by a rich tapestry of professional achievements, educational milestones, and a steadfast commitment to his patients and the broader community. Here’s a closer look at the background that distinguishes Dr. Roberts as a leading chiropractor:


Dr. Roberts embarked on his chiropractic journey at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was awarded his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1993. This rigorous academic training laid the groundwork for his profound understanding and expertise in the field, enabling him to provide exceptional patient care.


After obtaining his degree, Dr. Roberts practiced at West Bay Chiropractic Clinic with his father, Dr. M.K. Roberts. His years of practice have seen him help countless patients alleviate pain and achieve optimal health, showcasing his ability to address a wide range of chiropractic issues with skill and compassion.

Before his career in chiropractic, Dr. Roberts served in the United States Coast Guard from 1980 to 1986, gaining invaluable experience as a Hospital Corpsman and Helicopter Rescue crew member. This diverse background contributes to his holistic approach to patient care.

Leadership and Recognition

Dr. Roberts has exemplified leadership within the chiropractic community, serving on the Board of Directors of the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society from 1995 to 2021 and as its President from 2000 to 2003. He further contributed to the profession as a consultant for the Florida Board of Chiropractic Examiners and President of the Florida Chiropractic Association.

His dedication and service have been widely recognized, culminating in the prestigious Chiropractor of the Year Award in 2021 from the Florida Chiropractic Association and the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society. Moreover, his appointment by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to the Florida Department of Health Board of Chiropractic Medicine in July 2021 underscores his esteemed standing in the field.


Dr. Roberts’s expertise encompasses a range of specializations, allowing him to offer comprehensive care for numerous conditions. His approach is tailored to each patient, aiming to foster a balanced and healthier lifestyle through effective chiropractic solutions.

Why Choose West Bay Chiropractic Clinic?

Choosing West Bay Chiropractic Clinic for your chiropractic needs offers several advantages that set it apart as a leading healthcare provider in the Largo area:


Personalized Care

Each patient at West Bay Chiropractic Clinic receives personalized care. Dr. Roberts takes the time to understand individual health challenges and goals, ensuring that treatment plans are tailored for the best possible outcomes.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our clinic is equipped with the latest chiropractic technology and amenities. This modern environment ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care in comfortable and welcoming surroundings.

Compassionate Team

The West Bay Chiropractic Clinic team is known for their warmth and empathy. We are committed to supporting each patient’s wellness journey, providing care beyond


Community Focus

Our commitment extends to the broader Largo community. We believe in making a positive impact within our clinic and the wider community through various outreach and volunteer efforts.

Holistic Approach

We take an approach to chiropractic care, considering all aspects of our patient’s health and well-being. This comprehensive view ensures that we address the causes of health issues, not only just the symptoms.

Chiropractic Care:

Dr. Roberts offers personalized treatments to address specific health concerns, utilizing his expertise to provide adequate care.

Corrective Exercises:

Patients receive tailored exercise programs to support recovery and enhance overall wellness.

Massage Therapy:

Our therapeutic massages aid in relaxation and healing, complementing our chiropractic treatments.

Spinal and Posture Screenings:

Advanced screenings are available for proactive health management, helping patients maintain optimal spinal health.

Lifestyle Advice:

Dr. Roberts guides on living a healthier, more balanced life, considering each patient’s unique lifestyle needs.

Services Offered At West Bay Chiropractic Clinic

At West Bay Chiropractic Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of chiropractic services:

Volunteer Work

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Roberts’s passion for community service shines through his volunteer work. His commitment to giving back demonstrates a deep dedication to making a positive impact beyond the confines of his clinic.

Governor DeSantis Appointment

In recognition of his expertise and commitment to healthcare, Governor DeSantis appointed Dr. Roberts to the Board of Medicine. This prestigious appointment underscores Dr. Roberts’s standing as a leading healthcare professional dedicated to maintaining high patient care and professionalism standards.