Chiropractic Near Me For Pain Management

Chiropractic For Pain Management

A human body will sense whenever something is not right. Sometimes we ignore minor pain in our lives, such as sitting in an incorrect posture or straining the spine. These activities can cause neck and back pain that disrupts a person’s daily routine, prompting him or her to seek medical care.

At West Bay Chiropractic Clinic in Largo, FL, we are responsible for restoring a patient’s health and hope. Through different sessions of physiotherapy provided by a family chiropractor specialist, patients can easily manage back pain.

Chiropractic Methods Used for Lower Back Pain Treatment

The best method to relieve back pain is spinal manipulation. This can be done by hand or by an instrument designed for that purpose. There are other methods a family chiropractor can use as well. However, it depends on the patient’s physical condition and what is causing the pain. 

Below are some of the spinal manipulation methods:

Lumbar Roll

A family chiropractor in Largo uses a lumbar roll procedure for patients with low back pain. It involves pressing the problematic areas in the body while the client is lying on his or her side. This aligns the vertebrae and takes them back to their position. This reduces lower back pain.

Motion Palpation 

At our Largo clinic, we observe the spinal column to identify whether the spine is moving well. Our doctor uses his hands to feel the spinal column and can identify the places where there is spine misalignment.

Toggle Drop

We use the toggle drop technique, whereby our chiropractor uses a quick thrust on a particular spine area to alleviate pain. The doctor crosses his hands and presses firmly on the spine to ensure mobility in the vertebral joints. That helps reduce the pain and gives the patient some relief.

Pelvic Bonding

Pelvic bonding involves using cushioned wedges that we place on the pelvis. Our chiropractor then uses gentle movements that lead to a separation between the disc and the nerve. That helps in alleviating the pain.

Let Our Family Chiropractic Specialists Attend to You

West Bay Chiropractic Clinic in Largo, FL is a call away at (727) 584-5737. We offer specialized back pain treatment to our patients and ensure they live fulfilling lives.

If your back is giving you sleepless nights, book an appointment with us, and let us walk you through the recovery journey. Don’t normalize pain. Come see us for back pain relieving treatments.